Our approach

We create environments of collaboration and engagement through design methods at all levels of the ecosystem:

Our skills and Tools

Our toolbox contains a mix of service design, systems thinking, anthropology, design thinking and creative communication.

We continuously look out for new theories, models and methods that can be adapted and applied into the context we work with, and we prototype and evolve these models and processes in close collaboration with our partners and clients.

Our Process

In all design cycles, there are times for diverging and converging.

Diverging involves gathering insights to gain understanding. It encourages deeper, more original exploration than other approaches because it seeks to break free from constraints, existing perspectives and models.

Convergent thinking uses focus and the prioritization of opportunities to emphasize meeting user needs. It embraces constraints and drives a testing mindset, prototyping and experimenting to validate solutions.

While we may often build on existing methodologies, we believe that each challenge requires a specific design process and approach, which often needs to be discovered along the way. We therefore like to call our way of working: discovery practice.

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