headshot of André Santos, Sonder collaborator. greyscale image on green paint circle

André Santos

Design Consultant

Area of specialization
Systems Thinking
Design Research
Planet Centric Design
Industrial Design

Contexts of Work

Disaster Management
Environmental Conservation
Off-grid energy
Peace building
Social Innovation

Design Consultant
Service Designer
Design Strategist
Design Researcher

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

I am a Portuguese soul wandering in the snowfields (and green nature) of Helsinki, Finland. Currently, I am particularly interested in holistic and multidisciplinary approaches with a focus on analytic and systemic thinking. My passion lies on strategic design and sustainable impact. As a hybrid designer, I tackle complex challenges by addressing people as part of an ecosystem rather than at the centre of everything. I believe that systemic and interdisciplinary thinking contribute to the development of outcomes that bring sustainable value to people, organisations, and nature.

My 9 year-professional experience has taken me to live and work in multiple countries, including Portugal, Denmark, China, Norway, and now Finland. The majority of my work experience has been as a designer and coach in a diversity of complex projects from healthcare to off-grid solutions, disaster management, and sustainable development. As a coach, I craft creative ways to support interdisciplinary multicultural student teams, helping them to turn their projects into game-changing innovations. These roles have helped me to understand the value of communication and cooperation skills, which are fundamental when working with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

I joined Sonder to collaborate with an exceptional group of brilliant individuals, working on a range of projects that make a positive difference and have a real impact in the world. I firmly believe that Sonder is where I can best utilise my potential. As the philosopher Ervin Laszlo said, we need to “live in a world better designed” and that is the “biggest challenge”. And I think by joining Sonder I am a step closer to it.