Chloé Roubert


Areas of Specialization
Cultural Analysis and Insights
Ethnographic Research

Contexts of Work
DRC, Kenya, North America, China, Europe

Technical Assistance, Health,
Education, Energy, Finance, Food

Lead anthropologist

“I believe that the most sustainable solutions and systems emerge out of research that respects the integrity of people's experiences and world views.”

Chloé Roubert is an applied anthropologist fascinated with how humans make meaning and organize the world around them. For over 7 years she has led ethnographic research and facilitated conversations to uncover the insights and designs that lead to more purposeful and human-centered systems and practices. She has worked for organizations in health, education, energy, finance and food in North America, Europe and China.

Originally from Paris, France, Chloé did her graduate work on why people take pictures in museums at University College London in the UK.

Chloé joined the Sonder Collective to be part of an agile group of collaborators driven by the desire to impact organisations dealing with large environmental and health problems through participatory, creative and empathetic processes.