Eleonora Corsini

Innovation Strategist

Area of specialization
Innovation Strategy & Program Design
Innovation Evaluation
Capacity Development

Contexts of Work
Italy, UK, France, Spain
Ireland, USA, Norway
South Africa, Mozambique
Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya
Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh
Brazil, Colombia


Health & Innovation
Humanitarian Preparedness & Resilience
Youth & Adolescent Education
Food & Agriculture
ICT4 Development

Design Lead
Strategy Advisor
Evaluator Lead
Team Lead

'All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.'
(Arthur Aufderheide)

Italian, from various origins, I moved between Italy, France, Brazil, and the United Kingdom before settling in London, UK. I am a sociologist, specialized in international development. I have always been fascinated by human beings and all their cultural shades.

I have been working in the social sector for over 15 years, first as a journalist, and then as a programme designer and evaluator in the international development and humanitarian sector. I like to dig deep into issues, observing and questioning them from various angles, identifying gaps and discovering details, and then connecting it all into new ideas, and I believe in the power of doing this together. I believe that influencing change is possible with good communication, some humour, and a lot of patience! With Nesta Innovation Foundation, and as a freelancer now, I have had the privilege of doing this globally, developing innovative processes and tools across various topics like sexual and reproductive health, mHealth, off-grid refrigerator system, data-driven farming, seed value chain, humanitarian early warning system, cash transfers, and youth self-development and education, amongst others.

Joining the Sonder Collective was truly refreshing to me because I felt we shared a common goal to listen to the others and to challenge ourselves to always add value to deliver the most creative and impactful processes and strategies.