Gabriela Bassa

Design Researcher & Service Designer

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Service design

Design research

Strategic design

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Financial services

Innovation projects


Service designer

Design Researcher

Design Strategist

“Diversity drives innovation - when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.” - Telle Whitney

Born and based in Brazil, I am a service designer passionate about understanding human behaviour. Before even knowing the term "social innovation" I found myself involved in projects at university that were enabling social and sustainable impact in the local community. Since then, I knew that what motivated me about being a designer was to apply my knowledge of the design process and methods to understand people's needs and behaviours and co-create better scenarios.

After my graduation, I specialized in service design, fascinated by its collaborative and human-centered approach to conduct problem-solving within organizations. As a service designer, I help organizations rethink how they create value through services and strategies that meet people’s needs, consider technical feasibility, and reach business goals.

Before collaborating with Sonder Collective, I was a service design consultant at Livework Studio, in São Paulo, where I worked in the development and improvement of services, user and field research, business strategies, and innovation projects. As a consultant, I had clients of private companies, mainly in the financial and healthcare sectors, Brazilian government institutions, and an NGO of children and women's rights. After Livework, I worked as a user research specialist at QuintoAndar, a Brazilian real estate startup, creating new digital services in the context of housing.

I believe that design has an important role in transforming and building a better future throughout collaboration and I joined Sonder for the opportunity to collaborate on purpose-driven projects, learn from other people and cultures, and to be part of this future transformation.