Ina Fiebig

Art Director, Visual Designer

Areas of specialization
Visual Identity
Data visualization
Visual communication workshops
Editorial design
Exhibition design


Europe, Asia


Integration, Education
Maternal and newborn child health,
Social Innovation, Visual Art Workshops


Art Director, Creative Director,
Project Coordinator, Graphic Designer

“I am a believer in keeping it simple but deep and complex at the same - synthesizing to the maximum, being obsessive over craft and making it personal. ”

Ina is a graphic designer and illustrator with over a decade of experience in both print and online media.

Her expertise lies in translating complex messages into eye-catching visuals.
She has worked on the corporate image of educational and cultural campaigns in Barcelona, Berlin and Helsinki; designed publications, exhibitions, websites and interactive documentaries for city councils, cultural institutions, startups and brands.

Ina approaches her work in a playful and experimental manner believing that every design starts there: in a playful investigation. She does not reduce herself to one style believing that every project has different needs. She appreciates a holistic way of solving design problems in collaborative teams. Thinking quick, rapid prototyping, and learning through testing but not discounting my intuition.

She also designs and leads creative workshops at integration programs and festivals with international participants at libraries and educational centers in Helsinki and Espoo.