John Ferreira

Design Consultant

Areas of Specialization
Strategy Design Research
Service and System Design Product Development
Information Conveyance and Visualisation
Documentary Filmmaking



Contexts of Work
Denmark, Germany, Côte d’Ivoire,
Mozambique, Nigeria,


News Media
Environmental Conservation
Maternal and Newborn Child Health
Primary Health Care


Art Director
Service Designer

“I believe that I share with Mr Malcolm X 'The media's the most powerful entity on earth'. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

Based in Berlin, Born in South Africa raised in New Zealand and Australia. With working design background of over 11 years building and designing systems around the world. From Games such and ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ to smart fridges to paper based forms intended to better lives through critical decision making.

Done over the years working within or for companies the likes of Samsung Design Europe, Fjord London, EA Games, Mozilla amongst others. Now working as a freelance consultant with and for companies and collectives aligned to my mission of helping better support free expression and access to good information for all, where and how we can achieve this.

I joined Sonder to work with longtime friend Damaris one of the founders on one of the first briefs to working with the complex visualization challenges within the ‘Phissic; design brief. Outside of this i love the idea of how and why this collective has been set up and want to help in its success in all of the ways i can do to see to its furthered success.