Ledia Andrawes

Designer, Co-Founder

Areas of specialization
Strategy, design research, facilitation
service and systems design
co-design, design training/coaching


Contexts of work
Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, DRC,
Papua New Guinea, Lebanon,
Switzerland, UK, USA, Australia

Health systems strengthening
Community health care, health insurance,
HIV prevention, financial services, public sector services,
Humanitarian assistance
Aid accountability   



Design Lead
Design Strategist
Project Lead

"I believe 'The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking'." (Albert Einstein)

Born in Egypt, raised in Australia, based in London, and having worked as a change-maker for the last 12 years -- every day, my privilege humbles me, my dreams energise me, and my choices outwit me. My expertise is in co-designing alternative futures with communities and partners in global health and humanitarian contexts. What else do I do well? Apparently, I am a “doer”! I also like to practice the art of listening. I love humanising complexity through ethnographic techniques. I thrive on zooming out from individual stories and designing action for systemic change. I surface patterns which help my co-conspirators see old problems in new ways. I do not claim to solve complex problems -- I just claim to facilitate ways to better navigate them! As co-founder and director at Sonder, I am responsible for developing methodology, service offering and strategic partnerships. Previously, I setup ThinkPlace’s Kenya studio and developed their portfolio of design work in Africa. Prior to that, I led a range of public and private sector design and organisational change projects in Australia. With a bachelors in design and a masters in management, I am now completing a doctorate at UCL's Institute for Global Prosperity, while occasionally teaching design methods to students.

Ledia founded the Sonder Collective because how we were working wasn't working! It is high time for a new kind of design organisation, one that acknowledges the vulnerability within ourselves, one that nurtures relationships of love and respect for one another, and one that supports greater fairness in the world around us. This is Sonder Collective.