Liisa Vilkkumaa

Creative Strategist

Area of specialization
Creative Communication,

Contexts of Work
Europe, India, Kenya

Maternal and Newborn Child Health
Gender Equality
Youth Empowerment

Creative Director
Concept Designer
Project Lead

“I believe in the power of imagination. Only through first imagining possible worlds can we create a better future for humankind.”

Liisa is a senior creative and strategist based in Helsinki with almost 15 years of experience in creative communication. Liisa’s expertise is in creative strategies and developing creative concepts and communication for social projects and causes. Her passion is in developing creative networks and finding new and fruitful ways of working across the globe in heterogenous and multi-talented creative clusters to achieve sustainable advocacy and communication outcomes.

Before founding her own company, Liisa was the Director of Creative Communications at social impact company M4ID, where she led multiple programmes all social impact related and mainly on global health and human rights. Liisa has a long history of working in the leading advertising agencies in Finland. Liisa also has a long experience in developing empowering creative methodologies for children and youth.