Maryam Muayad

Research Consultant

Areas of Specialisation
Qualitative research
Arabic/Kurdish Translation

Contexts of Work

Humanitarian Assistance
Financial Aid

Other Roles
Engineering Teacher Assistant
Civilisation Courses Tutor
Translation Consultant

“I believe that art can describe things more than words do”

I was born in Baghdad-Iraq, raised in Amman-Jordan, and currently living in Kurdistan- Iraq. Despite the fact that I and my family are not permanently settled in one place due to various reasons that include war and family issues, this unsettlement had its positive impact on me. I had the chance to meet and live with new people from different cultures and backgrounds. This made me accept others more and discover my own biases. Since I was interested in knowing more about the culture of different people, I decided to join Kashkul which is a research, preservation, and translation collaborative composed of students, emerging and established scholars based at my university, AUIS. I am currently a translation consultant there and I am part of “Mosul Lives” project which conducts extensive interviews that give a picture of the daily life in Mosul. Through Mosul Lives, I had the chance to know more about this city and its people since Mosul is a very diverse city. Through the last two years, I understood that art, which I am very interested in, is infinite and can take many shapes. Through studying my major, Civil Engineering, I was able to know how art can be implemented in buildings and through my experience in Kashkul, I understood how the culture is the art of people.