Melanie Wendland

Designer, Co-Founder

Area of Specialization
Service and Systems Design
Design Research

Contexts of Work
Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria,
India, Thailand, Europe

Maternal and New Born Child Health
Primary Health Care
Cancer Care

Design Lead
Project coordinator

"I believe that opening our minds and hearts to be seen by others leads to honest and genuine collaboration that can move mountains"

Melanie is a senior designer and strategist based in Helsinki with over 12 years of experience. Melanie currently leads design projects for Sonder and facilitates design process across organisations. Her expertise is in designing better quality of care services and systems in maternal health in Sub Saharan Africa and India. Her focus is on creating enabling environments for collaboration through design using her diplomatic skills and building genuine relationships with project partners. Before founding Sonder, she was Director of Service Design and Innovation at social impact company M4ID, responsible of a portfolio of global health design projects spanning across East and West Africa and India. In the past Melanie has worked as design lead with Fjord/Accenture designing and developing digital tools and services for the private sector.

Melanie founded Sonder because she wanted to create a platform for collaboration where people can continue to reinvent the way work is done and where working styles are more deeply aligned with the individual needs, intensities and cycles of everyone's life. Melanie believes that we can only do our best work and create impact in other people's lives, if the changemakers themselves practice a culture of kindness, respect and love at work.