sarah hassanen

Sarah Hassanen

Design Thinking and Innovation

“We design our world, while our world acts back on us and designs us.”- Anne-Marie Willis

I am an Egyptian Australian, that is living in Kenya and have been working in Africa, The Middle East and Europe as a human-centred designer for the past 6 years. I thrive from understanding the traits that binds us and those that sets us apart. From health, to agriculture, financial inclusion and gender empowerment, my joy and purpose lies with solving problems for those that I serve. To me, my work not only is my passion but a conduit for those who for so long were voiceless when it came to having a say in the services, products and policies that affected them directly. As a key founding team member of ThinkPlace Kenya and now a freelance consultant in the region, I have had the privilege to work across multiple continents, listening to human stories, understanding human behaviors and ultimately designing human solutions for those that need and want it.

I collaborate with Sonder because we are a tribe who share the same vision and values and are working towards a future of design, for and with the people. Making change one project, country and person at a time.