Understanding community needs

Oxfam GB has identified that as an organization, they are not hearing enough feedback from Community Members in the Humanitarian and development space, and that they have not built the trust that is required in order to do so.

Throughout the Understanding Community Needs project, Oxfam GB and Sonder Collective are collaboratively examining the experiences of Community Members and Humanitarian Field Staff to understand how conduct reporting processes can be made better for them. A human-centred approach is guiding this qualitative research project, which is aimed at better understanding the varying gaps, barriers and needs relating to perceptions of and experiences with misconduct reporting. The long-term vision for this work is to deliver better feedback mechanisms (for both programmatic and misconduct reporting) which are safe, confidential, trustworthy and to strengthen our accountability to affected people.

How might we increase the likelihood that Community Members and Humanitarian Field Staff will come forward and report through multiple, integrated channels?