Reimagining technical assistance in DRC and Nigeria

Using a human centred co-design process to engage the FMOH and key stakeholders in DRC and Nigeria to rethink how technical assistance is requested, planned and delivered.

With support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Child Health Task Force is supporting the ministries of health in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nigeria to re-design the current technical assistance model through human-centered design (HCD). Sonder Collective is working in close collaboration with John Snow Inc. Research & Training institute to facilitate a design process to co-create a vision for improved technical assistance and develop prototypes of future technical assistance concepts.

“Technical assistance is too supply driven. It does not involve countries. We sit in our offices without involving the countries enough”

Using an iterative process of design research and co-creation workshops the stakeholders will define problems with the existing technical assistance models, describe their root causes, and develop innovative and context specific solutions. In each country, the MOH will serve as the leading organization responsible for identifying and mobilizing the stakeholders to be engaged in the redesign process as outlined below:

  • Discover: Establish a shared understanding of the project drivers for change and what success looks like from all key stakeholders involved.
  • Define: Deepen our understanding of the (un)stated needs, behaviours, barriers and motivators of the system actors through analysing their experiences and perceptions.
  • Develop: Rapidly generate, test and iterate ideas that explore new strategies for technical assistance through a creative co-design process together with key stakeholders.
  • Deliver: Consolidate the prototype designs into compelling and coherent blueprints for change with specific details on how to implement.

“For us, technical assistance involves a relational transaction — between those who want it, those who benefit, those who provide it, and those who convert it into energy”

The project is current in the first phase of Discovery.