Our Services

Our design engagement scales

Design to Ignite

Inspire new and aligned problem framing, user insights, collaborations, ideas and vision

Design to Innovate

Design and prototype new services, products or strategies

Design to Instill

Collaborate on longer-term, more complex system and behaviour change

and Programs

We co-develop strategic plans anchored in both the perspectives of the people an organisation is serving or working with as well as the technical experts who can make it possible.

Human Perspectives
and Insights

We conduct research in discovery practice mode to help organisations ask different types of questions, as well as observe incessantly to reframe understandings and ground project decisions in user voices, practices and worldviews.

and Co-creation

We facilitate constructive dialogue between diverse groups of people to co-discover new insights and ideas, co-create solutions together, make decisions together, and increase ownership across the board.

Products and Service Solutions

We develop “valid” product and service design concepts and solutions that have signs users want it and clear theories on how it will have impact through iterative cycles of exploration and user testing.

Culture Change

We work with organisations in intentionally building more human centred processes and structures and support internal organisational change efforts through innovation labs and design thinking approaches.

Capabilities and
Team Skills

We develop the innovation competencies of teams as an intrinsic part of what we do. We also tailor training courses and mentoring services to  more formally impart innovation skills that combines theory and practice.