• Sonder Collective is a co-operative of designers, storytellers, anthropologists, system thinkers and innovators.

    Positive impact for people & planet is our north star.

Who we are

We are a co-operative of
design professionals working together
for a vibrant and sustainable future

We work with partners and communities on global health, humanitarian, social innovation challenges
to co-create alternative futures together, by design.

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What makes us different

Our set up

As a co-operative collaboration and openness is our biggest imperative. We share our tools and knowledge and and encourage all our members, partners and collaborators to be equals in our team throughout projects and beyond.

Our experience

Each member brings years of experience in design for social change. We have a strong global network of partners and collaborators who are experts in turning vision and ideas into tangible realities.

Our approach

With no profit or growth targets, we simply are guided by our values and the issues we work for. We are compassionate and respect the emotional, psychological, relational and social dynamics of the work that we do.

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Our perspectives

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