Sonder was born out of a desire to work differently on complex social issues.

We believe the old ways of working are just not working. After many years in traditional consultancies, we saw an opportunity to reimagine the way we work by creating an alternative, non-profit, distributed network of specialists. We continue to experiment, learn and refine the model as we go!

We are a prototype

We value evolution over perfection. We believe in continuously interrogating our structure and the value of our work.

A butterfly on top of a reptile

We run a non-profit sustainable business

We don’t strive to make a profit, we keep operational costs to a minimum so we can invest in high quality work and focus on our impact.

Two hands connected by interlinking arms

We are distributed

From Helsinki to Lagos and Madrid, our member network spans time zones, continents and cultures. We bring diverse perspectives and sets of experiences to our work.

A satellite dish points to the sky

We challenge convention

In the Global Health and humanitarian space, we see ourselves as a small team pushing for impact that outweighs our footprint and provides a bridge between intention and action, ideas and realities, individual truths and big decisions.

An open cardboard box with black and white lines inside of it

We are owned by our members

Our distributed ownership means that members are responsible for shaping and deciding how to cultivate our collective.

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Interested in working with us for a better future?