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Interaction Designer


Contexts of work


United States



Areas of Specialisation

UX/UI design
Design education
Product documentation
Design systems
Design ops
Data visualisation
Art direction
Digital illustration
Learning experience design


Humanitarian accountability
Open-source communities
Gender equality
Innovative learning
Creative storytelling

Photo of Aline Silveira

Aline Silveira

I believe that designers have a unique set of problem-solving skills, and it's our responsibility to share them with others and use our power to make a positive impact on the world.

Aline is a Brazilian digital product designer who is passionate about education and motivated by the impact her work has on the people around her. She enjoys solving design problems from inception to completion, always drawing on the specialised knowledge of her teammates and product stakeholders. Aline believes that design should be practised out in the open, with every step visible to all, and she thrives in environments with quick and constant feedback loops.

In her career as a design consultant, Aline has built a design team from the ground up, created complex web products and tailored design systems for a wide range of industries from Silicon Valley, New York and Europe. In 2016, she founded Mete a Colher, a Brazilian social impact startup that helps women escape abusive relationships and domestic violence by sharing their stories with a highly engaged support network. Aline is currently employed at Apple Developer Academy in her hometown as a design mentor. There, she facilitates university students’ learning journeys through active learning and real-world challenges.

Aline joined Sonder to collaborate with inspiring colleagues who share a desire to contribute to more equitable, inclusive, and impactful change. So far, she has assisted Loop and OpenMRS in scaling their products sustainably by implementing custom-made design systems and comprehensive product documentation.

Outside work, Aline makes her own furniture, creates toys for the two cats who adopted her and bikes everywhere. She's always planning the next trip, loves pretty books and her favourite time of year is Carnaval.

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