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Anthropologist & Researcher


Contexts of work

United Kingdom

United States


Areas of Specialisation

Qualitative research
Literature review
Capacity building and training


Corporate social responsibility
Digital technologies for development
Social movements
Creative pedagogies

Headshot of Anke Schwittay

Anke Schwittay

I believe that design can help people imagine and create alternative ways of knowing, doing and being in the world.

Born in former East Germany, Anke has lived in Canada, the US, New Zealand and now the UK. She is Professor of Anthropology and Global Development at the University of Sussex, where she teaches at the School of Global Studies. 

With over 25 years of qualitative research experiences, primarily in Latin America, Anke’s research has focused on indigenous struggles in Argentina, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms and representations of development. Her most recent project explores how university teaching can be made more creative

Anke co-founded and was Head of Research of the RiOS Institute, which brought together anthropology and design for ICT and Development. She has been a consultant for the World Bank Institute, the UN’s Global Alliance for ICT and Development and RedR, a humanitarian training organisation. At Sonder, she has been working with the Understanding & Activating project to increase the understanding and use of qualitative research at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pathways.

Anke was drawn to Sonder because of its innovative cooperative approach and its desire to do design differently.

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