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Art Director & Visual Designer


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United States

Areas of Specialisation

Visual Identities
Editorial design
UX / UI Design
Art Direction - Creative Project Management
Presentation Design
Workshop Design & Creative tools
Exhibition Design


Social Innovation
Science Outreach
Maternal and newborn child health
Design for health
Diversity & Integration
Visual Creative Campaigns
Visual Art workshops

Headshot of Ina Fiebig

Ina Fiebig

I believe that visual communication should tickle many senses – the eyes, the brain and the stomach.

Ina is a Visual Designer, Art Director and Illustrator, originally from Germany now living in Finland. She holds degrees in Visual Communication and Illustration from Design Schools in Germany and Spain.

Her professional activities focus on graphic design for different media on or offline in the areas of social impact, culture and education. Throughout her work she aims to use a symbolic and playful language with an own personality. Her expertise lies in translating complex messages into simple, eye-catching visuals; whenever suitable using illustration – digital or analog – her big passion.

Her work can be seen in the corporate image of educational and cultural campaigns, creative reports, exhibitions and interactive documentaries for city councils, cultural institutions, NGOs, startups and brands.

Ina is intrigued by graphic design as a means of impact and feels impassioned to take advantage of her professional contribution for the positive.

Apart from her work as a designer Ina is actively engaged in associations and festivals that work on developing a more multicultural and plurilingual children’s culture in Finland, trying to enrich and make the children’s agenda and local cultural supply more representative.

She designs and leads creative workshops for families at libraries and educational centres; wanting to bring science engagement and artistic views of the world in an accessible way for everyone. The amazement about the creations of nature is a driver of many of her proposals.

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