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Interaction and visual designer


Contexts of work



United Kingdom

United States



Areas of Specialisation

Product design
Data visualisation
Visual design
Digital prototyping
User research
Usability testing
Service design


Humanitarian accountability
Artificial Intelligence
Sustainability development goals

Photo of Iskra Uscumlic

Iskra Uscumlic

I believe transparency in data and accountability when it comes to design processes, births better and more sustainable solutions.

Iskra is a multidisciplinary designer, currently based in Croatia with a passion for creating sustainable and socially impactful products and services. By combining her visual skills with experience in prototyping and user research, she creates solutions for the everyday people’s needs while providing value for the organisation.

Iskra has worked with organisations such as IAEA,, IFAD, GIZ, WWF — helped them and their teams create intuitive and inclusive products and interactive data visualisations. She is experienced in creating scalable design systems, data visualisations across platforms, creating conversational interfaces, designing for web and mobile platform, as well as has experience in working closely with development and engineering teams to ensure her designs get a place in the real world. 

Her interest in Sonder came from projects that the collective was doing but the decision to collaborate longer on came because of  the people and ways the work was run – respectful, inclusive, fair and transparent. In addition to her collaboration with Sonder, she teaches Design Thinking and Service Design at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. In 2019, she was given a chance to create interactive light installation art for the Vivid Sidney light festival and since then has been dabbling in working with lights. 

Outside of work, she spends her time with her family — her partner and their dog, preferably in an outdoor setting and learning to cook different dishes from around the world. Her ever-growing cookbook collection is a true testament to the Saturday night dinner parties with their friends. 

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