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Design research
UX design
Usability testing
Content development
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Health social norm change

Headshot of James Mayer

James Mayer

I believe that where empathy, creativity and humility meets is where impactful design happens.

James is driven by his belief that creativity and a widely open mind can create better realities for people, their communities and the planet. He employs a deep sense of empathy in his work alongside a humanising approach to problem solving, all while retaining a sense of humour. He is committed to design thinking as a tool of empowerment that also creates sustainable social impact.

James has over ten years of experience in qualitative research, design thinking, content development and project management in both on site and remote settings. He has wide sectoral experience across Africa, Europe and the US ranging from public health to digital transformation to social and behaviour change.

He is American-British and has an equal affinity for both places, as well as three years in East Africa working within design and innovation consulting. He has an educational background in politics and law with degrees from the University of St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh. He is currently based in London.

He is excited to collaborate with Sonder because of its values and results driven approach to using design as a means of sustainably and empathetically powering social change.

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