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Service Design & Innovation Strategist


Contexts of work

United Kingdom


United States




Areas of Specialisation

Ethnographic research & analysis

Design thinking

Design strategy

Service design strategy

Prototype testing



Patient care
Evidence-based programming
Social & family services
Gender equality
Civilian protection
Global health
Consumer services
Policy development

Headshot of Leeor Levy

Leeor Levy

Good design practice requires bridging the gap between generating insight and applying it to create transformative ideas for positive change.

Leeor is a senior consultant who combines ethnographic research with design processes to develop service and innovation strategy. Leeor brings over 20 years of experience in communication and service design, socio-cultural research, and strategy development to bridge the gap between insight generation and its application to product and service solutions. Her process focuses on understanding how organisations are situated both in their business or operational context and in the social and cultural contexts of the people they engage with, to build cross-channel strategies grounded in evidence and responsive to need.

Leeor has worked internationally for clients and organisations across consumer technologies, healthcare, the public sector, and international development. She holds a BSc. in Physiology and Psychology, a Design and Communication degree, and an MA in Sociology.

Leeor’s interest in becoming a member of Sonder stemmed from a shared set of goals and values rooted in the belief that developing effective and relevant strategies requires a deep understanding of the individuals and communities we aim to impact. She also shares Sonder’s commitment to taking a holistic, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving.

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