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Software Engineering Lead


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United Kingdom



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Areas of Specialisation

SMS and telecommunication services

IVR technologies

Messaging service integrations

Backend development

Frontend development

Mobile applications (Android/iOS)

Team Leading

Digital product management

Software engineering management

System architecture design

Web applications

Data security




Car sharing

Humanitarian and social equity

Education - university management system

Loyalty programs

Digital services in low-resource environments

Photo of Marek Wrzosowski

Marek Wrzosowski

I believe that the blend of great software engineering and design thinking can help to solve many of the problems of our modern world. This combination allows us to expand our empathy and understanding to create more useful digital services. Together, we can bridge the global digital divide and make the earth a more equitable place for us all to live!

Marek is an experienced Software Engineer, Project Manager and Team Leader from Poland who collaborates with specialists from all over the world. Marek holds a Master of Science in Information Technology, which he achieved after graduating from the University of Technology in Rzeszów, Poland.

For 14 years of work in various industries, Marek has gained experience in every layer of creating and delivering IT solutions. As a result of his initial technology consulting work with organisations across various industries, including the fintech, healthcare, and automotive sectors, Marek has thoroughly learned and understood the processes necessary to create large IT systems for both mobile and web platforms. With this acquired knowledge and experience, as well as striving to introduce new standards and continuous personal development, Marek decided to set up his own software agency and use his  experience to reshape the way how software is delivered. As the CEO of Elite Crew, Sonder's software engineering partner, Marek is leading a great team of talented people with huge tech experience and knowledge who build great digital solutions from A to Z.

Years of experience have allowed Marek to observe many of the shortcomings within the IT industry. Problems such as the wrong approach to communication in collaborations with clients, and not understanding the root problems organisations want to solve using technological solutions, lead to the creation of many non-usable, inaccurate and expensive solutions. Marek believes that by focusing on sustainability, science, usability, ecology, and listening to people's needs, as well as their on-going feedback, can change the way technology is created to be more useful for people.

Marek is collaborating with Sonder because he wanted to use his professional experience in building sophisticated digital solutions – with an emphasis on security and performance – in contexts where it can help other people to solve their everyday problems in non-commercial ways. At Sonder, Marek has worked on and Pathways, where technology is used to allow people’s voices from all over the world to be heard.

Marek loves to work with designers as he knows that this discipline compliments development very well. When blended together they can produce amazing things!

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