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United Kingdom





Sierra Leone

United States


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Product Design

Research and analysis

Service Design


Medical terminology management

Health records

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Paul Adams

By maturing the role of design in problem solving and applying a people-first approach to solutions, we contribute to a more equitable world through the things we create.

Paul is a seasoned designer with a track record of delivering sophisticated solutions in diverse sectors. With strong research, analytical and design expertise, Paul is able to synthesise complex quantitative and qualitative data sets, providing clients with clear, actionable strategies that align with end-user requirements and the broader objectives of their organisations.

This commitment to user-centricity, strategic clarity and a strong sense of social justice has been pivotal in Paul's collaborations with a diverse range of stakeholders, from global health initiatives, international organisations and governments to enterprise private sector clients.

Paul’s professional and pragmatic approach is underpinned by a thoroughness to understanding, empathising and communicating stakeholder needs as well as approaching design with a creative and collaborative approach to problem solving and execution of the solution.

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