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Human-centred designer


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Peter Gata Ayuba

I believe that design is only as good as it is usable and relevant.

Peter is a designer from northern Nigeria, with a passion for purposeful design. He combines an understanding in user research and creativity to build solutions and services that meet and positively impact humans.

Peter has helped organisations including the Economic Development Board of Bahrain, Dubai Design and Fashion Council, KateMoses Healthcare, Commscope and the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industries to create digital products that are intuitive and meet their strategic organisational goals. He is passionate about purposeful design - design that not only meets the expected usability requirements, but is equally as functional as it is beautiful, yet provides value beyond aesthetics.

As a versatile designer, he is experienced in brand/visual design, creating design systems, interactive and gesture-based interfaces, responsive design, video-wall interface design and collaborating with teams to ensure design is implemented.

Before joining Sonder, Peter was an Interaction Designer at MBLM in Dubai.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys listening to music, travelling to new places, meeting people and learning. He is also active in calisthenics, table tennis and football.

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