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Social Designer


Contexts of work


United Kingdom

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Areas of Specialisation

Social and collective psychology
Regenerative design
Workshop design
Design research
Discursive design


Social innovation
Environmental conservation
Health systems equity & strengthening
Aid accountability

Headshot of Suzanne Smulders

Suzanne Smulders

I believe design can help us truly listen to each other and consider new perspectives together, so that we can gain a wider understanding of the diverse ways in which we can be in, respond to, and change our complex world.

Suzanne is a transdisciplinary design practitioner and researcher, with a particular interest in using design to help others reimagine and redesign complex social systems collaboratively and regeneratively. She has an academic background in social sciences and sustainable design, specialising in the design of co-creation sessions for social innovation. The majority of Suzanne’s current work is focused on researching and co-designing (online) experiences and creative strategies that help spark generative conversations and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.


Suzanne is fascinated by the power of stories, metaphors and objects to help talk about the ways in which we can construct, sustain and change the world around us. She believes that, although the dark side of design can be exploitative and reinforce many of the problems that currently exist, design can be a catalyst for significant positive change, too. Design has the power to contribute to our understanding, shape how we grapple with challenges, bring people together, and imagine different futures into being.


Suzanne joined Sonder to work alongside inspiring collaborators with aligned values and a shared commitment to contribute to more equitable, inclusive, and impactful change. In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys hiking, bouldering, photography, cooking and traveling to faraway places where she can do these activities or explore new ones!

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