Engaging GAAMAC's community in a series of online talks about hate speech to prepare their November 2021 global meeting



Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (GAAMAC), together with The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) organized "Decoding Hate Speech," a series of four online panels that brought together over 200 participants to hear transdisciplinary experts reflect on the causes and impact of technology on hate speech and atrocity prevention. These talks were events for the community to prepare for GAAMAC IV, their global meeting, in November 2021.

Sonder’s process started by connecting with GAAMAC's internal team to build a shared understanding of what the events’ participatory spaces would feel and look like. Sonder then, supported GAAMAC in designing the guidelines for each panel session and the online facilitation tools that encouraged community participation. During the sessions Sonder live captured the main takeaways of the conversation, and, at the end of the process,  synthesized and visualized the community's needs, learnings, and insights.

Infographic entitled 'Decoding Hate Speech' showing the challenges and potential solutions of tackling hate speech online
Graphic recording for session 2 - Technology and hate speech: friend or foe?
Infographic about the Rohingya crises in Myanmar showing how information spread on facebook
Graphic recording for session 3 - The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar: A Genocide Incited on Facebook
Infographic entitled mobilizing the community to action showing how hate speech can be addressed and reduced online
Graphic recording for session 4: Mobilizing the Community to Action
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