Headshot of Paula Rodriguez

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Contexts of work


United States


Areas of Specialisation



Presentation design

Workshop support material design

Data visualisation


Handicap / Covid informative campaign

Conflict resolution and community engagement

Children's rights

Social engagement

Hate speech


Headshot of Paula Rodriguez

Paula Rodriguez

I believe in the power of art. Art has the potential to change the world if we are all willing to do our part of the job.

Paula is an Artist specialised in Multimedia Design and she also has a Culinary degree. Her work has been changing within the design domain through constant interactions between her professional work and teaching.

Paula’s main occupation is graphic design, drawing and independent projects management. Since 2009 she's managed the “Colombian Illustrators Community'' project alongside Dipacho, a fellow illustrator. The Colombian Illustrator Facebook community is made up of more than 20,000 members. 

She also participated in bringing to Bogota the collective project “The Big Draw”, a drawing initiative first launched in England. This project opened up creative spaces and festivals around the city, looking to promote drawing for all kinds of audiences.

Paula has been working for more than 15 years doing data visualisation, presentation design, infographics, illustrations and motion graphics mainly for companies in the oil and gas sector. But in recent years her work has changed significantly as she has been involved in projects with social impact for organisations such as UNICEF, Handicap International and Corpovisionarios. 

And the stars aligned so well that she is now collaborating with Sonder, a perfect match for this new path!

She works and lives in Brooklyn with her partner and two beautiful cats.

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