Headshot of Chloé Roubert

Design Anthropologist


Contexts of work

Congo [DRC]



United States





Areas of Specialisation

Anthropological analysis
Ethnographic research
Design research
Design strategy
Service design
Art and culture


Health systems strengthening
Community health care
Financial services
Public sector services
Humanitarian assistance
Aid accountability

Headshot of Chloé Roubert

Chloé Roubert

I believe the most sustainable solutions and systems emerge out of research that respects the integrity of people's experiences and world views, and through participatory creative processes.

Chloé is an applied anthropologist who has worked in the field of design for over ten years. Deeply curious and fascinated with how humans make meaning, her projects tackle rigorously context-specific and systems-level challenges by using design and ethnographic methods for participatory and co-creative processes and solutions to emerge. She loves interdisciplinary projects and teams and has worked in the private and public sector for a diversity of organizations ranging from consumer culture to public education, the arts, state governance and maternal and new born health.

Her most recent work has been leading the DRCongo stream the VxData Insights study, a joint research effort between Sonder and John Snow Inc. (JSI) funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to understand challenges with utilizing data for decision-making in immunization programs in Kenya, the DRCongo, and Mozambique. Originally from Paris, she completed her graduate work in material anthropology at UCL in the UK.

Before joining Sonder, Chloé worked as a digital anthropologist for Nurun, a digital design agency, developing their HCD offering in Shanghai, and as a resident anthropologist at Idea Couture, a strategy consultancy in Toronto. She joined Sonder to work with new models of governance and work on projects with people excited to create more equitable tomorrows.

When not busy asking herself "why", Chloé likes to watch pigeons and map things in cities.

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