Generous Listening Toolbox

Generous Listening Toolbox

Creating listening experiences rooted in solid design principles to support Vuslat Foundation’s mission to encourage generous listening


Vuslat Foundation works with academia and other experts to research and develop the knowledge base, tools and methodologies of generous listening (GL). The purpose of this project was to develop a Toolbox filled with artifacts such as prototypes, experiences and methods, rooted in solid design principles to solidify the Vuslat Foundation’s vision and socialize its focus.

We accompanied the Vuslat Foundation team in translating the Foundation’s vision and goals of GL into a Toolbox for people to experience the methodology in action. Sonder worked on a delivered a Discovery Scan to identify approaches, platforms, activities, and innovations in this space. Based on this work and using design methodologies including co-creation workshops, the team translated this deeper understanding of what characterizes GL, into a toolbox for engaging, fostering and training others in GL.

The Sonder team worked very closely with The Vuslat Foundation and engaged in a co-creation approach with internal and global stakeholders, subject-matter experts, future-thinkers and creatives from various disciples and diverse backgrounds.

There is a diagram that goes from a fuzzy problem to a concrete solution. The process has 3 workshops. The first workshop is to focus on Understanding Generous Listening and what are the obstacles to being a good listener. The second workshop is about exploring ideas and how might we design a toolbox for generous listening. The third workshop is to prototype a toolbox by exploring how we can experience generous listening through a toolbox
Co-creation workshop process


The primary project deliverable was a Toolkit to ideate, generate and build listening challenges. The toolkit included a facilitation guide to support the creation of listening experiences with ideation techniques, a process to reflect on the brief, listening methodologies, steps to brainstorm challenges, a framework to develop a detailed experience of the listening challenge and how to share it with willing participants.

Discovery focus areas

Generous Listening root cause analysis. Tree Roots by Olena Panasovska from
Generous Listening root cause analysis. Tree Roots by Olena Panasovska from
The experience contains the following steps: arrive, prepare, practice, reflect, share and stay in touch after the experience
Here is a template to be filled with the various elements of the GL experience.



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