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Co-Founder & Board Member

Contexts of work





Côte d'Ivoire








United Kingdom

Areas of Specialisation

Design research
Service and systems design
Design training and coaching
Interaction design


Maternal health
Newborn and child health
Health information systems
Water, sanitation and hygiene

Headshot of Damaris Rodriguez

Damaris Rodriguez

I believe that we need to listen to each other more than ever. We have more in common that what we believe.

Design provides Damaris with the opportunity to bring together passion and curiosity to understand deeper the dialogue and relationships between people, cultures and technology. During her bachelor studies in Media, she found user experience design. During her 13 years as a designer, she shifted from designing with technology to more service and technology agnostic design.

Her focus in her work is to create environments for open collaboration that bring different disciplines together to translate challenges to actionable opportunities for social and environmental change. In her work across health system challenges, her aim is to shift the paradigm to provide more equitable access and recognition to the most vulnerable groups in the society, basically, women & children. By bringing their experiences and needs into the essence of our approach, we ensure the system is listening, interpreting and designing with them for their future services and interventions.

Damaris founded the Sonder because she realised a few years ago that in order to become a better designer, she needed to stand entirely for what she believe is the right path for herself as a designer and as a person. And the only way to achieve this was to bring together a group of individuals to put our values into practice.

At Sonder, Damaris participates in diverse projects, from leading the PHISICC project, designing and implementing a paper-based information system, being part of the Pathways team conducting research in Kenya, or developing a toolbox for generous listening.

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